4 Things to Avoid After Whitening Your Teeth

4 Things to Avoid After Whitening Your Teeth
Posted on 09/05/2022

Dr. Dann Orthodontics is one of the top dental practices in Orlando, Florida. Whether you visit that location or the office in Winter Park, you get someone to walk you through the teen Invisalign Orlando process and go over the benefits of other procedures. You can also book an appointment for tooth whitening to get the smile you always wanted. Take a look at some of the things you should avoid after your appointment to maintain your smile.

Dark Beverages

Tooth whitening uses different types of peroxide to remove surface stains without damaging your teeth. Once you undergo the procedure, you need to stay away from dark beverages. Coffee, tea, or soda can turn your teeth yellow or brown.

Bright Foods

Your Orlando orthodontist will warn you about eating bright and dark foods after you have your teeth whitened. Whether you have a candy bar as a quick snack or grab a handful of berries, those foods can stain your teeth. Tomatoes and carrots as well as beets are some of the common veggies you want to cut out of your diet.


Tobacco is one of the worst things you can use. Smoking increases your risk of developing certain medical conditions and can change the color of your teeth. Why make a tooth whitening appointment if you plan to keep smoking and staining your teeth? Now is a good time to cut tobacco out of your life.

Hot and Cold Foods

While you should avoid certain foods because they can stain your teeth, some can also cause minor discomfort. The whitening process makes your teeth more sensitive, especially to foods that are too hot or too cold.
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Schedule Your Tooth Whitening

With tooth whitening from a licensed Orlando orthodontist, you can finally get the healthy and gorgeous smile you want to show off. Dr. Dann Orthodontics has offices in both Winter Park and Orlando with appointments that fit around your busy schedule. Why wait to get the great smile you deserve? Call today to learn more about the teen Invisalign Orlando process or to schedule an appointment for tooth whitening.