Types of Braces

At Dr. Dann Orthodontics, we know that just like every patient is unique, every smile is unique. For this reason, some orthodontic treatments might be better suited for you than others. In order to best serve you at our Winter Park and Orlando, FL offices, we strive to provide patients of all ages with a wide variety of the latest orthodontic treatments. Our orthodontist and staff offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic devices like Winter Park, FL AcceleDent to speed up your orthodontic treatment!

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces in Orlando are still the most popular teeth-straightening, bite-correcting orthodontic option out there. Although they still have their conventional metallic look, over the years metal braces have come a long way. Metal braces are now smaller, increasingly efficient, and more comfortable than they ever have been. Book a consultation at Dr. Dann's Winter Park or Orlando orthodontist's office today to find out if metal braces are right for you.

Clarity™ Braces (Clear Braces)

While still functioning in the same way as traditional metal braces, Clarity braces offer a more aesthetic benefit due to their translucent (clear) appearance. Clarity braces in Orlando are made from a hard ceramic material that won't stain or discolor. Overall, they perform just as well as metal braces but blend into your smile with greater ease.

Empower® Braces

Empower braces are self-ligating braces that offer benefits to patients of our Winter Park and Orlando practice.

  • The self-ligation technique uses a lighter wire that causes less friction, thus resulting in a higher level of comfort for you!
  • Self-ligating braces may straighten teeth more rapidly because the wire is allowed to move within the bracket, which means you don't have to make as many trips to the orthodontist for tightening.
  • Another added benefit of Empower braces in Orlando is that they make it easier for patients to maintain good oral hygiene, as the brackets are smaller and easier to keep clean.

Empower braces are unique because they are a self-ligating braces system that offers both active and passive archwire clips, allowing your orthodontist unprecedented precision control, and you the most efficient orthodontic treatment. For more information about Empower braces in Orlando, ask Dr. Dann at your next appointment!



Invisalign is the bracket and wire-free way to straighten your teeth. Instead of braces, the Invisalign form of orthodontic treatment utilizes a series of clear trays called aligners that are created to fit your individual mouth and correct your teeth.

Another benefit of choosing Invisalign as your form of orthodontic treatment is that Invisalign aligners are removable. As a result, you have:

  • Virtually no food restrictions.
  • You can easily maintain good oral hygiene.
  • And you can even sparingly remove the aligners for important events.

Please note though, Invisalign is only available for patients with certain orthodontic bite problems, and only an orthodontist can properly determine if this system is right for you. Ask Dr. Dann if you're a good candidate for Invisalign with AcceleDent in Winter Park, FL.

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