5 advantages of Empower Braces

5 advantages of Empower Braces
Posted on 10/10/2023

Empower braces offered in adult orthodontics Orlando is a new kind of braces that adults may want. Empower braces in Winter Park FL can be purchased through Dr. Dann Orthodontics. These amazing self-ligating braces are perfect for adults who want to change their smile but do it least conspicuously.

Empower Braces Are Self-Ligating Braces

A major benefit to FL Empower braces from Winter Park's leading orthodontist is that you never have to wear the elastics around each bracket. The tiny rubber bands in numerous colors might be fun for the kids, but not so much fun for an adult. These braces have brackets that have little snap-over parts that hold the orthodontic wire in place. Ergo, no elastomerics needed.

No Elastomeric Bands Means No Discoloration on Your Teeth

Patients are surprised to learn that these tiny elastic bands can cause a lot of tooth discoloration. After you get the braces off at the end of your treatment period, the bands leave behind odd stains. If you use self-ligating braces, you don't have to worry about any of that discoloration.

Office Visits Are Really Short

When you have elastic bands on your braces, it takes several minutes for the hygienist to remove them and put new ones on. With self-ligating braces in FL, adjustments to the brackets and wiring are done within a fourth of the time. When you don't have a lot of time to sit in the orthodontist's chair, this particular advantage is huge.

FL Empower Braces in Winter Park, FL Have Rounded Edges

Traditional metal brackets have sharp edges and sharp corners. They can be quite uncomfortable and take a lot of getting used to. The Empower brackets are all rounded and soft to avoid painful cutting inside one's mouth. The result is a much more comfortable set of braces that adults can tolerate well.

Invisible Brackets and Lack of Elastic Bands Makes Them Less Noticeable

Getting braces as an adult is a choice. You don't have to get them, but some people do for personal reasons. When you don't want other adults staring at your teeth, the Empower invisible brackets and lack of elastic bands make these braces far less noticeable. Adult orthodontics in Orlando focuses on adult expectations for appearances and making patients feel better about how they look.

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