Common Untruths About Braces and Crowded Teeth

Common Untruths About Braces and Crowded Teeth
Posted on 02/05/2023

There are several misconceptions about braces and crooked teeth, despite the fact that patients know that braces correct crooked teeth. An expert orthodontist in Orlando, FL, Dr. Dann frequently has to help sort out the untruths from the truth. In making the truth perfectly clear to patients, Dr. Dann is able to alleviate anxiety and concerns over braces and crooked teeth.

If Crooked Teeth Are Crowded, You Will Have to Have Some Pulled

No, you will not. It doesn't make any sense with regards to an orthodontic treatment plan to surgically remove teeth you will need all your life. There are many things an orthodontist in Orlando can do to create more room for your teeth prior to braces that do not involve pulling teeth.

Crowded Teeth Can't Be Fixed with Braces

The idea that you can't get orthodontic wire or brackets to straighten out crowded teeth is incorrect. The first step in these cases is to create room in the patient's mouth by using a palate expander.

The palate expander is placed in the roof of the mouth and is anchored in place by two pieces of metal that encircle two back molars. There's a "key" that helps turn the expander in the center to gradually widen the jaw and allow the crowded teeth some extra room to move into their proper place.

Once the orthodontist deems that the expander has done its job, the next step is to get braces for Orlando patients. The expander may remain in place to help fit the braces to the teeth. It may also continue minor expansions until the teeth have been resituated with the braces.

Oral Hygiene with Crowded Teeth and Braces Is Impossible

Oral hygiene with crowded teeth is difficult, but not impossible. When crowded teeth are being treated with braces, it is a little more difficult because flossing these teeth requires more intensive labor. The orthodontist can show you how to manage to floss until the crowded teeth are no longer crowded.

You Will Have to Have Several Rounds of Braces to Correct Crowded Teeth

Only your orthodontist knows how long and how many rounds of braces you will need. He or she develops a treatment plan based on the x-rays and photographs of your teeth. Very rarely does any patient require more than two stages of orthodontic treatment to fix crowded teeth.

This falsehood comes from the idea that teeth that are moved into position can move out of position repeatedly. While that is certainly possible, effective orthodontic treatment that is followed to the letter prevents the shifting of the teeth back into a pre-treatment stage.

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