Coronavirus Update: Orthodontic Care & Emergency Treatment

Coronavirus Update: Orthodontic Care & Emergency Treatment
Posted on 03/25/2020
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At Dr. Dann Orthodontics, we understand the severity of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and we are deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our patients and community. Our hearts go out to anyone suffering during this time for one reason or another. As orthodontic healthcare professionals, it is our job and responsibility to protect patients and staff by continuing to work safely and diligently as always.

Disease Prevention & Sanitation at Dr. Dann Orthodontics

Orthodontic healthcare professionals are experts in orthodontia, as well as disease prevention and sanitation. Not only are we passionate about keeping a clean, germ-free environment, we are also legally obligated to do so. At Dr. Dann Orthodontics, our staff has been trained to provide the highest quality care in an office that is safe and disinfected. To combat any type of infectious disease, including Coronavirus, we take the following precautions every day:

  • Surgical Masks, Protective Eyewear, & Gloves: all of our team members wear masks, eyewear, and gloves to protect themselves and our patients from any type of fluid or germ exchange.
  • New Masks with Every Patient: we keep our patients safe by changing our masks between every patient, and sometimes even during a patient’s orthodontics appointment if the mask becomes wet.
  • Mask for Patients: if necessary, we can also provide masks for our patients while they undergo their orthodontics appointment.
  • Staying at Home When Ill: our staff members stay at home if they are ever feeling even slightly ill, and we ask the same of our patients.
  • Clean Hands: all of our orthodontics team members wash their hands with antimicrobial soap and/or regularly apply an alcohol-based hand gel. We ask all of our patients to do the same while in our Orlando and Winter Park offices; soap and/or alcohol gel is provided.
  • Routine Cleaning & Disinfecting: at Dr. Dann Orthodontics, we disinfect everything between patient appointments, including surfaces and orthodontic chairs, and we ensure new orthodontic instruments are used.

Our orthodontics team has always and will continue to practice high quality infectious disease control in our Orlando and Winter Park offices. In fact, we have even kicked it up a notch and ordered three new specialty air purifying machines in order to add an extra layer of protection for our patients and staff!

However, if you or a family member is experiencing respiratory infection symptoms or any other symptoms of illness, we kindly ask that you stay home and reschedule your appointment for when you are feeling better.

Reopening Our Doors

Dr. Dann Orthodontics is excited to announce that our government has approved the full reopening of our orthodontics practice. We'll be open again starting Monday, May 11th! Thank you for being so patient as we have all worked to get through the Coronavirus situation. Feel free to contact us now to schedule an appointment.

New Orthodontics Guidelines

Our orthodontics practice has some new guidelines and policies to maximize the safety of our patients and our team members. Please read them all below and let us know if you have any questions.

  • We are not seeing patients who have any flu-like symptoms the day of their appointments (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, or other flu like symptoms). If you or a family member you live with are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call to reschedule your appointment. If patients arrive with any flu-like symptoms they will be asked to reschedule.

  • We are not seeing patients who have traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days.

  • A mask or face covering will be required for every person who enters our office. We ask that our patients wear their face covering/mask until they are chairside. Patients will also be asked to put their face coverings back on right after a procedure until they exit the office.

  • Upon entering we will have two forms to be completed: a COVID-19 informed consent form and a COVID-19 health questionnaire. The health questionnaire will be completed at every appointment. Both forms are available for download on our website and we recommend filling them out ahead of time.

  • We are asking patients to wait in their vehicles until we are ready for them to enter. We are asking ONLY patients to come inside. Parents, friends, siblings, etc. are to wait outside or in their vehicles to limit lobby exposure. Parents that want to come chairside must fill out an informed consent form, as well as health questionnaire.

  • Each patient's temperature will be taken upon entering the office; any patient with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be asked to reschedule his or her appointment.

  • Please use hand sanitizer that is provided upon entry.

  • Patients are asked to brush their teeth prior to their appointment at home; there will be no brushing done in office going forward.      


    Dr. Dann Orthodontics is revolutionizing the way patients can receive care. We are now also offering TELE-Orthodontics visits for those who cannot come into the office. TELE-Orthodontics appointments can be requested by calling our office at (407) 894-3271.

    Dr. Dann Orthodontics & Your Orthodontic Care!

    As orthodontic healthcare professionals, it is our priority to offer the most secure and clean facilities to our patients at all times. Dr. Dann Orthodontics will continue to do so through this difficult climate and beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact our Orlando and Winter Park offices with questions or concerns about your orthodontic care, or if you need help with an orthodontic emergency!

    If you had a regular orthodontics appointment scheduled during our closure period, please call us  to reschedule as well. Thank you for your patience! Our team is inspired by the sense of community that this unprecedented situation is creating. We will get through this by working together!

    Be kind. Be smart. Be safe. Be healthy.
    We’re all #InThisTogether

    -- Your Friends at Dr. Dann Orthodontics