Does AcceleDent Speed Up Invisalign Treatment

Does AcceleDent Speed Up Invisalign Treatment?
Posted on 04/15/2022

Fixing a smile can take a long time. Depending on how severe a bite is, and how crooked your teeth are, orthodontic treatment can take up to 2+ years. Invisalign can take even longer considering that they aren’t on your teeth 24/7 like other treatment options. So many patients wonder how they can speed up treatment. Well, at Dr. Dann Orthodontics, we strive to make every patient’s treatment plan go as fast as possible. While it gradually takes time to shift teeth, there is a way to speed up treatment- AcceleDent! Learn about what AcceleDent can do for you, and why it may be a great component of your treatment plan.

What is AcceleDent & How Does it Work?

AcceleDent is a removable, portable, hands-free mouthpiece device that uses gentle vibrations to accelerate tooth movement. By using gentle vibrations, it increases bone cell activity to shift the teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. If you decide to use AcceleDent, it is only required for up to 20 minutes a day while wearing your Invisalign trays. To use it, you attach it by plugging it into the activator. When the activator is on, you bite down firmly to hold it into place.

How Does AcceleDent Speed Up Treatment?

Since AcceleDent uses micro-pulse to shift your teeth, Invisalign treatment time could shorten. With AcceleDent, this allows anyone with Invisalign to change to a new set of aligners every 7-9 days instead of 2 weeks. This can shorten your treatment time length from 12 to 6-8 months instead.

Why Speed Up Invisalign Treatment?

There can be many reasons why someone would want to speed up treatment. For many, this can be mean wanting to straighten their smile before a special occasion or before traveling. Others, maybe they need to catch up on their treatment from falling behind. No matter what the reason is, AcceleDent is a great option in the orthodontic market and can be a great component of your treatment.

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