Facts About Self-Ligating Braces

Facts About Self-Ligating Braces
Posted on 05/20/2022

Braces are by far the most commonly known and utilized method of orthodontic treatment. You are probably even familiar with several different types of braces: metal braces, ceramic braces, and clear braces, just to name a few. At Dr. Dann Orthodontics, we proudly offer both child and adult braces with a variety of options, including self-ligating braces. But what are self-ligating braces? Read on to learn more about this available orthodontic treatment option.

How Self-Ligating Braces Work

Self-ligating braces are similar to more traditional braces options in that brackets and wires are used. However, with self-ligating braces the wire clips into the brackets, applying consistent force across your teeth to gently shift them into alignment.

Provide Increased Patient Comfort

As your go-to provider for braces, Orlando’s Dr. Dann has all our patients’ comfort in mind. With our self-ligating braces, the advanced wire and bracket system causes less friction, which means a more comfortable orthodontic treatment experience for you!

Self-Ligating Braces May Straighten Teeth Faster

Self-ligating braces can lead to shorter treatment lengths. With the advanced technology used in our self-ligating braces, the wire can make small adjustments to its position within the brackets and Dr. Dann can better control the movement of teeth overall. This also means fewer visits to your children’s or adult braces provider.

Self-Ligating Braces Are Easier to Brush

With slightly smaller brackets than traditional braces, our self-ligating braces are easier to brush. This means your teeth stay cleaner and healthier throughout treatment!

There are No Elastics Required

Since the wire clips right into the brackets of our self-ligating braces, there are no elastics required to keep your wire in place. This allows your braces treatment to be a little less noticeable than traditional braces.

Metal Braces, Clear Braces, and Adult Braces from Dr. Dann Orthodontics

If you have questions about braces, Orlando’s Dr. Dann Orthodontics has answers! We proudly offer a variety of orthodontic treatments including adult braces, clear braces, and self-ligating braces. We also offer early treatment for younger patients, which can help prevent more severe orthodontic issues from arising later in life.

If you’re ready for a healthy new smile, contact Dr. Dann Orthodontics today to get started on your orthodontic journey. You can also fill out our convenient online appointment request form. Come see for yourself why we’re Orlando’s top choice for braces - we look forward to meeting you!