How Often Do I Need My Braces Adjusted?

How Often Do I Need My Braces Adjusted?
Posted on 11/10/2023

Traditional metal braces are a safe and reliable way to straighten teeth at nearly any age. At our adult orthodontics Orlando, FL office, our team installs and adjusts braces so that your treatment time is as short as possible. Learn more about braces adjustments and appropriate timing for a brilliant smile.

Timing the Adjustments

According to the California Association of Orthodontists, every patient should have their braces adjusted every 10 to 12 weeks. However, each treatment plan is unique. For example, one patient may have a more severe overbite than another. Complex treatment involving bite issues and teeth straightening might require appointments scheduled once every month.

After you consult with our team, you'll have a personalized treatment plan with regular appointments built into the structure. Although appointment times may need to be changed or rescheduled, keeping these appointments is crucial for straight teeth.

Scheduling Earlier Appointments

Our team understands that your braces may need adjustments sooner than a scheduled appointment. Loose brackets, snapped archwires and other issues can occur between appointments. It's our job to keep the teeth under pressure for an enhanced smile. If you notice a loose component or other issue, call Dr. Dann Orthodontics for an appointment today.

Skipping an Appointment

Your treatment plan is a commitment between you and our adult orthodontics Orlando, FL team. Ideally, don't skip any appointments unless it's necessary, such as being ill. In truth, missing several appointments will only extend the treatment time past the estimated amount quoted during your initial consultation.

Also, missed appointments may complicate your treatment. For example, the braces may loosen between appointments, which leads to crooked teeth. During the next appointment, extra pressure and tightening might be necessary, which leads to more discomfort for the patient.

Adjusting Treatment With Each Appointment

Each appointment is crucial because we perform various adjustments on the braces based on a visual inspection. Your adjustment might include these services, such as:

  • Installing a new or different archwire
  • Adding or removing rubber bands on the braces
  • Tightening the braces

Ultimately, each adjustment moves you closer to a perfect smile. After each adjustment, our team can verify when your next appointment should fall. At times, it might be sooner or farther out than previously planned.

Every patient will have a unique experience with our adult orthodontics Orlando FL treatment plan. Consulting with an orthodontic specialist is the first step toward straight teeth. Contact Dr. Dann Orthodontics today!