The Power of Empower Braces

The Power of Empower Braces
Posted on 11/17/2015
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As a leading Winter Park and Orlando, FL orthodontics practice, Dr. Dann Orthodontics is proud to provide patients of all ages with the very latest treatment options. In addition to options such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, we offer many types of braces to help you straighten your smile. One of the most popular options we offer is Empower Braces – the industry's most complete, self-ligating bracket system that provides many great benefits to its users. 

What are Empower Braces?

Empower Braces are innovative, self-ligating braces. What that means is that their archwire is allowed to move within the bracket, causing teeth to shift faster. This self-ligation technique also uses a lighter archwire, which leads to less friction. As a result, wearing this type of braces is more comfortable than wearing traditional ones. Patients choosing Empower Braces receive many other benefits too, including the following. 

Improved Aesthetics 

Afraid of looking like you have a railroad track going across your front teeth? Never fear; Empower Braces are up to three times smaller than standard braces and are therefore much more aesthetically pleasing. When wearing Empower Braces, you can smile with confidence knowing that people are concentrating on you, not the metal in your mouth. 

Better Oral Hygiene

Empower Braces’ small size makes it easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene because it becomes much simpler to brush and floss your teeth around their less bulky, rounded-surface brackets. 

No Ligatures Used 

The self-ligating design of Empower Braces’ brackets uses an integrated “clip door” to hold the archwire in place. This function eliminates the need for ligatures. With no ligatures present, it is easier for you to keep your teeth clean, there is less ligation force to cause you discomfort, and you’ll require fewer appointments. 

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Efficient and Fast Treatment

The design of Empower Braces provides controlled tooth movement that's swift and efficient. This means patients wearing Empower Braces can often get their braces off faster than if they’d gone with the traditional method. And, the efficiency of Empower Braces ensures that the final result will be a straight, beautiful smile meant to last a lifetime. 

Now What?

If you'd like to learn if you're a good candidate for Empower Braces, or find out more about other teeth-straightening options we offer like Invisalign, please contact us at either our Orlando or Winter Park, FL orthodontics office, or schedule an appointment online today. We look forward to meeting you and making you a part of our friendly orthodontic family!